Tangent_Genius (tangent_genius) wrote in know_all,

I started this rating community because I was bored and all the other communities blow. Ugly people with bad tastes and bad answers for everything are admitted. Right now, if you are a punk you get into most communities, punk is just a trend, most of you arent being different. I have decided to make a community because if you arent good, you have to go. I know everything, so I know when you are wrong. Answer the questions however you want, I want to get a good Idea of how you are. Well here I am, so when I reject you, you can make fun of me, but I might say something back.

Some old picture.

Sexy profile.

With my blanket.

Rare left side of the face.

A picture for botany. I am an elf.

I was going to fill out the application questions but I dont want some people copying me for my approval.

Name: Dylan
Age: 17
Location: New Hampshire, US
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