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whatever you want

1.Name- Kelsey
2.Birthday- April 19th, 1988
3.Location- Florida
4.Describe your personality- Fun, Humorous, Moody
5.Favorite bands- Big n Rich, Blink
6.Favorite movies/T.V. Shows- 3's Company, Driven
7.Likes/Dislikes- Like: food, MUSIC, sports. Dislikes: SPIDERS, liars.
8.Fetishes- Ribbons (for my hair lol)
9.Clique (prep/punk/etc.)- Umm.. I guess sorta prep, sorta jock-ish. lol im weird.
What is your opinion on...
10.Drugs, alcohol- Drugs: not good. Alcohol: [;
11.Gay relationships- People can do whatever they want, people shouldnt choose for them.
12.Abortion/Capitol Punishment- i HATE abortion, its so wrong.
13.How did you find out about this community?- Searching for good rating communities :]
14.Anything else- ... please accept me! <3

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