Amanda's Magical Snatch of Chlamydia (mynameisvanity) wrote in know_all,
Amanda's Magical Snatch of Chlamydia

1.Name- amanda.
2.Age- fifteen years old. my birthday is in september.
3.Location- hollywood, florida. fuck.
4.Describe your personality- bland. i can be interesting when i'm in the mood. i'm pretty blunt. i use a lot of profanity. because i'm kind of dumb. or so i've recently discovered. but i can be quite bright when i remove the skewers from my eye sockets.
5.Favorite bands- well. i like a lot. i'm lazy so i'll copy it from somewhere where it's previously written "i'm into everything... i love the toadies, elvis presley, the pixies, the amy steinberg band, bright eyes, the get up kids, david bowie, peggy lee, veruca salt, etta james, sublime, radiohead, nirvana, the wallflowers, hole, ani difranco, unsung zeros, fiona apple... i could go on for days but you get the idea"
6.Favorite movies/T.V. Shows- i loved pulp fiction. and fight club. i don't watch tv often. i real a lot.
7.Likes/Dislikes- i like conversation. people with vocabularies. sex. i dislike extreme and blatant stupidity. and food.
8.Fetishes- i love being punched in the face and kicked in the shins. i enjoy biting through human flesh. most of my friends learn the hard way: if you place any bare skin in front of me, i will not be able to resist the urge to lunge at it with my teeth. i suppose i get off on it. i also love glitter. and i am obsessed with salvador dali to an unhealthy degree. the end.
9.Clique (prep/punk/etc.)- fat.
What is your opinion on...
10.Drugs, alcohol- i think people are entitled to decide for themselves. personally, i do not drink and i do the occasional drug.
11.Gay relationships- i'm for it.
12.Abortion/Capitol Punishment- definitely FOR abortion. and for the death penalty, but only if the punishment fits the crime.
13.How did you find out about this community?- lovely mr. tangent informed me of it.
14.Anything else- i have to pee. i'm going to see dashboard and the get up kids on the fifteenth of june and i'm going to cry through the whole thing. i'm excited. sorry my application is a bit boring, i'm in a slight hurry. :\
and to you dylan, i shall speak to you later. i enjoy talking to you, it's been a while. sorry. <3

and pictures because i was told to do so

mmm eat my aviators motherfuckers

my best friend petey. wooo i'm so fucking cool. not really.
i'm not a crackhead, i swear
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