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i really don't know how to do this

1.Name- Stephanie
2.Birthday- 1-23-86
3.Location- Portsmouth , Nh
4.Describe your personality- i don't really like people and i try to avoid them when i can.  i am outgoing around my friends and shy around everyone else.  i dislike a lot of people
5.Favorite bands- Guster, Dandy Warhols, and i dunno haha
6.Favorite movies/T.V. Shows- Robinhood men in tights and i LOVE CSI and CSI:miami
7.Likes/Dislikes- i like animals and food and i dislike people
8.Fetishes- i like backs, hands and butts haha weird i know...
9.Clique (prep/punk/etc.)- Loser? is there such a thing? i don't know, i have yet to find a clique
What is your opinion on...
10.Drugs, alcohol- drugs are GREAT for everyone else and drinking is great for me
11.Gay relationships- same as straight relationships..they should have equal rights
12.Abortion/Capitol Punishment- i'm pro-choice sometimes except if the girl is RETARDED and goes back like 4 times...ever heard of condoms!  I don't agree with the death penalty, i don't think we should play god b/c we are all stupid
13.How did you find out about this community?- i read dylans journal
14.Anything else- i don't know how to post pictures but i don't think i'll get in haha.  i think i rather look like an alien.  my eyes are buggy and i am weird looking. so yeah, sorry.


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