Michelle (michl87) wrote in know_all,

1.Name- Michelle
2.Birthday- 01.19.87
3.Location- Baltimore, MD
4.Describe your personality- I am picky about who I am friends with. I am outgoing around people I like, and just don't talk to people I don't. I know how to party but also value my time alone.
5.Favorite bands- some are not bands but solo artists -- Jackson Browne, The Clash, The Beatles, Jethro Tull, Joe Jackson, Guster, O.A.R., Elvis Costello
6.Favorite movies/T.V. Shows- Back to the Future, Almost Famous, The OC
7.Likes/Dislikes- I like playing guitar, reading, writing, shopping and I dislike SCHOOL - but doesn't everyone?
8.Fetishes- hmm.. lets see. Clothes, shoes, jewelry, sunglasses, bags
9.Clique (prep/punk/etc.)- I don't know.. trendy?
What is your opinion on...
10.Drugs, alcohol-
Alcohol and weed are fine if used in moderation. It is important to know when to stop, but then again it is fun to get drunk every once in a while. I personally do not do other drugs, but figure if someone wants to, it is their choice.
11.Gay relationships- I have no problem with them. I am not gay, but I don't have a problem with people who are and support their relationships as I would anyone else's.
12.Abortion/Capitol Punishment- Two completely different subjects. I am pro-choice for abortion. If the mother feels as if it is not the right point in her life to have a baby, she should have abortion as an option. I know that if I were to get pregnant in high school or college I would like to have this choice. I am not against capitol punishment. Most of the people who get convicted are guilty and should not be on the streets. However, I do believe life in prison is worse and that we should do whichever is more cost effective.
13.How did you find out about this community?- Someone promoted in my lj.
14.Anything else- I hope you like my pictures!

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