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1.Name- Katie Hart
2.Birthday- August 12, 1986
3.Location- South Berwick, ME
4.Describe your personality- i'm pretty outgoing and open-minded. i like to be lazy all of the time, and i enjoy playing/writing music.
5.Favorite bands- elliott, sunny day real estate, glassjaw
6.Favorite movies/T.V. Shows- i don't watch much tv. lately some movies i've liked are fight club, a clockwork orange, the last samurai, catch me if you can.
7.Likes/Dislikes- i like video games. i dislike being disliked.
8.Fetishes- hands.
9.Clique (prep/punk/etc.)- i am an individual
What is your opinion on...
10.Drugs, alcohol- i don't approve of hard drugs.. pot is okay i guess. i drink occasionally.
11.Gay relationships- whatever floats your boat.
12.Abortion/Capitol Punishment- i'm pro-choice. i think capitol punishment is okay if you've murdered someone.
13.How did you find out about this community?- star_like_eyes
14.Anything else- i hope you'll all be nice to me *crosses fingers*

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Yes...what instrument do you play? (other than the meat whistle of course)
i play the piano and i sing :)
i've tried guitar but i'm not too good at it.
Post a link, or recording of you singing.
Or message machine... of your voice.

some way so I can hear it..
then I'll let you know what my vote is...
you want me to sing for you? ummm okay.
tell me how to post it and i will. :)
no. post a phone number for a message machine. or link an MP3 you're the applicant. YOU figure it out.
jesus that's fucking mean.
no it's not.. i seriously wanna hear her sing!! ;-)
your app is lame.

i'm holding my tongue on my opinion of your looks.
that's all i'll say.

if you sing, i MIGHT change my mind.
why thank you.
dylan? your vote?